The highly skilled staff at Fox Guard Security has been in the professional security business for over 45 years. Home security has certainly evolved, so Fox Guard Security has taken the most trusted quality equipment and combined it with the convenience of an easy 100% online purchase. The purchase, activation, technical assistance and sales support are all unique to Fox Guard Security and will consistently raise the quality of the DIY Security market one customer at a time. A new standard in the security business is here!


Fox Guard Security has changed the support structure common with local companies by developing a full custom library of service and support documents, manuals, step by step guides, and "How-To" videos. Fox Guard Security customers have more access to experienced, accurate, and detailed service documents and videos that are online and available 24/7, something that most local security companies, and even most online security companies, cannot offer. Service these days has changed, and Fox Guard Security has adapted and innovated for the benefit of its customers!


Many times the security products and support that can be found through online companies are inferior to what a local company can offer, or that is available through other means. Fox Guard Security has decided that they will change that perception. They asked "Who makes the best and most trusted alarm equipment in the industry?" The answer was easy: Honeywell. Honeywell is the number one choice throughout the industry by not only thousands of alarm dealers and installers, but by millions of customers throughout the United States. No other equipment is as versatile, convenient, or trusted as the equipment Fox Guard Security has chosen to provide its DIY customers. Because Fox Guard Security uses the BEST equipment, its customers are more secure than any other security company's customer. On top of that, Fox Guard Security uses the leading provider of life safety monitoring services in the United States, providing UL Listed, TMA Five Diamond monitoring services. There is nothing better.


From the most innovative conveniences, to the most comprehensive services, the most trusted equipment, and the most comprehensive monitoring, Fox Guard Security has brought DIY Security to a place no one has before. It provides convenience, service, and security at prices that are unheard of in the industry. Please browse and add more security to your home and family's lives today!