installing the best diy home security system to keep family safe

Despite what many sites will attempt to tell you, there is no single best DIY home security system. When it comes to home security, one size does not fit all. Sure, the top-of-the-line equipment works great and comes with all the bells and whistles, but they also come at a higher price tag for things you and your family may not actually need. Hardwired systems may have lower equipment costs, but higher installation costs. So wireless systems, although the equipment may initially appear more costly, may save you hundreds in the long run as it is easy to install yourself. So, when it comes to determining the best DIY home security system for your home and family, you must first determine what your ideal home security system looks like, and then look for which equipment best meets your needs.


Costs of Buying the Best DIY Home Security System for Average Home


The cost of buying a DIY home security system is often much more straightforward than going through a company. This is because you save fully on installation costs, which typically cost several hundred dollars, and there is no muddy contract to work through to figure out what you actually own and what you’re actually paying for. For example, many large security companies will offer to install your system for just 99 dollars or free. However, if you read the contract, you don’t ever actually own the equipment and if you were ever to cancel their monitoring services then they would be able to charge you high cancelation fees and also be able to remove their equipment. This would leave you with a hole in your wallet and no security system. When you buy DIY home security equipment for yourself, you own what you purchased and you can take it with you in the case of a move. This can save you hundreds over the years. 


Monitoring services are another place where DIY home security costs are much more straightforward. With DIY home security, you can decide what company you want to go with, truly know your rates, and with no-contracted options, can cancel at any time. Many all-in-one security packages jack up the price of their monitoring services to cover the price of the equipment and installation costs. This can lead you to believe that monitoring services cost way more than they actually do. These types of companies are also notorious for locking you in to a 5 year or longer minimum contract, then raising their rates every six months or so. No-contracted monitoring service options often have lower rates, and if they do ever increase price, you can cancel at any time and shop for cheaper solutions. Having control over your monitoring services is another area where DIY home security individuals save hundreds. 


The last area where DIY home security saves the average homeowner money is in equipment costs. When you get DIY home security, you have complete control over the type of equipment that you want and need, and aren’t pressured into buying extra features or items that you don’t necessarily need. For example, cameras always seem like a nice option, but won’t really protect you during an incident and are really only good for potentially identifying a robber after attack. As many homeowners who’ve encountered theft before have come to realize, if you don’t recognize the culprit yourself, they often are never recognized or caught. So, if you’re looking to keep your home safe and secure, often simple door and windows sensors are all you need. Triggering an alarm is often enough to send most thieves running. 


If you’d like to learn more about selecting and creating the best diy home security system for your family, contact one of our security experts today!