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Ten reasons to purchase an alarm system for your home.

There are lots and lots of reasons to get an alarm system for your home. Some people will try to use fear tactics to convince you to purchase an alarm system from them. We want to use logic and reason to help you understand the benefits of having an alarm system in your home is a major benefit and blessing for you and your loved ones. Nov 12, 2019


Four common complaints about alarm systems and how to avoid them

Some alarm companies make a lot of boasts and promises as a way to entice you to give them your business. You may not realize the reality of the situation until you have already locked yourself into a contract. Make certain to do some research before you sign your contract about the trustworthiness of the alarm company. Nov 3, 2019


Some Things to Consider Regarding Your Alarm System When Planning a Home Remodeling Project

Some things to consider regarding your alarm system when planning a home remodeling project. Planning a home remodeling project is an exciting time. The possibilities seem endless and the opportunities abundant. Oct 29, 2019


How do I Know That the Equipment I'm Purchasing Online Is High Quality?

How do I know that the equipment that I am purchasing online is high quality? Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is all the rage when it comes to home electronics and home automation. Oct 24, 2019


Disputting An Article About Why Monitored Home Security Systems Are For Suckers

I came across this article the other day, and I felt the need to respond to the author. The article is entitled, “14 Reasons Why Monitored Home Security Systems Are For Suckers,” by Len Penzo. He approaches the subject obviously from a very negative perspective, even though he admits to having a monitored alarm system himself. Oct 20, 2019


Do security systems actually work to secure your home?

Security systems are touted by companies on television, on the internet, the radio, and even occasionally by people who show up at my door. Is there any real value in purchasing, installing or having the system professionally installed, and paying the monthly fees for an alarm system? Oct 17, 2019


What Do You Need to Know About An Alarm System and Fire Alarm System If You Are a Landlord

If you are a landlord looking to figure out what your responsibilities and liabilities are with your property in regards to a burglar alarm or fire alarm, there are several things that you need to consider. First, if there is an existing burglar alarm system in the residence, that is an attractive feature for many tenants. Oct 15, 2019


What Are Some Things That I Can Do To Protect My Home From A Potential Invasion?​

Most criminals that invade residential homes are looking for a few clues before they act. This article is intended to help put yourself in their mindset to see the things they are looking for around your home that you can fix to prevent a potential home invasion. Oct 10, 2019


Nine Reasons to Use a Wireless Alarm System

Today people that are considering purchasing an alarm system for their home or business have lots of options. These options afford them the opportunity to tailor their alarm system to meet their individual needs. One of the best ways to tailor your security needs for your specific application is by purchasing a wireless alarm system. Oct 7, 2019


I'm Considering Getting an Alarm System, What Is the Best DIY Home Security System and Best Professional System?​

If you are considering getting an alarm system, it can be a very confusing and difficult to navigate landscape. You can easily find ads on television, the internet, in your mail, and even on your favorite radio talk shows that make a compelling argument to use those company’s services. Oct 1, 2019


When I bought my alarm system, I was told the signal goes directly to the local emergency services. How does home security monitoring really work?​

When people purchase a home alarm system, sometimes the less than completely honest sales people make it sound as if in the event of an alarm activation that the signal goes directly to the local emergency services providers to respond immediately. That is simply just not the case. Sep 29, 2019


Wondering Why a Storm Sets Off Alarm System?

If you have had any experiences with a home alarm systems when a storm arises, many times it can be simply maddening! The beeping from the keypad, the sound of the siren, the flashing lights on the keypad, all of which you do not know or understand why these things are happening, you just want with all of your being to “Make It Stop!!!” Sep 25, 2019


Did You Know That Most Municipalities Require Even Residential Fire System to be Professionally Inspected? At Home Fire Alarm Testing ​

We have all seen or heard the commercials for alarm companies that offer a package of equipment and components to you at a very low price if not completely free. That package usually includes at least one “monitored smoke alarm” that can also be called, “monitored fire protection.” Sep 19, 2019


I am in the process of building a house, are there advantages to installing a security system when building a new home?

The answer to this question comes down to a fundamental difference in alarm equipment in today’s market. Whether you are going to use a typical alarm company whether national or local or a do-it-yourself type of system, the basic difference for the benefit of a home under construction comes down to whether you want to use hard wired components or wireless components. Sep 15, 2019


Help I Moved Into a House with Alarm System Already Installed

A lot of people move into a home with an already existing alarm system. It is seen as an attractive feature in purchasing a new home. Many people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars every day to install an alarm system themselves or to have an alarm system professionally installed into their home. Sep 10, 2019


Should You Consider Adding Wireless Security Cameras to Your Home Security System?

With the technology available today, and the whole home automation that is possible, many people naturally come to the logical conclusion that the ultimate protection for your home and family would be security cameras. Sep 8, 2019


How Annoying Is Your Home Security System Low Battery Notification and How to Get Ahead of It.

I have an alarm system in my home. I have had several alarm systems in my life in the various houses I’ve lived in. The most annoying thing about alarm systems is when a battery goes bad, and the home security system keypad keeps saying, “Low Battery.” Sep 4, 2019


My Personal Experience with Alarm Systems: A Home Security System Review​

I have lived most of my life in a home or homes that had an alarm system installed within them. As a child, I really did not think much about the alarm system because for the most part, we rarely used it. We lived in a community that people rarely locked their doors or worried about security very much. Aug 26, 2019


How to Properly Manage Your Current Home Security System & Potentially Upgrade Existing Home System During a Remodel​

Have you ever started a remodeling project in your home only to realize that you didn’t consider all of the options or problems that might arise? One of the things to consider is your alarm system. Do you want to upgrade your current home security system? Aug 19, 2019


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Do-It-Yourself Alarm System? How to get the best self-monitored home security system.

We live in a day and age of technology. It is at our fingertips with any access to the internet through any smart device or computer. Because of this technology, much more is expected from devises such as a security system. The capabilities of a security system today are literally mind-blowing. Aug 16, 2019


Why are traditional alarm systems so expensive? Do DIY Home Security Systems Really Have No Monthly Fee?

One of the common refrains from potential customers that are interested in purchasing a traditional alarm system is that they are too expensive. When I say too expensive, I really mean two things: 1. The hardware that is needed to install an alarm system can be very pricey, and 2. The total cost of ownership with monthly fees for different levels of service, cost for smart technology connectivity, and the cost for service calls and a service contracts in the event that the system does not work correctly. Aug 12, 2019


How to Choose a Home Security System That's Best for You​

You want the right home security system for your safety and needs. Learn how to choose a home security system that's best for you with our guide. Aug 29, 2019


8 Key Benefits of DIY Home Security Systems​

When it comes to choosing the best security system for your home, DIY home security systems can offer the customization and personalization that you need. Aug 10, 2019


Protecting Your Loved Ones: Why Getting A Medical Alert Pendant For Your Aging Loved Ones Is Essential​

Protecting your loved ones should be a common goal for most individuals, We share why getting a medical alert pendant for your aging loved one is important. June 15, 2019


Everything You Need To Know: 5 Crucial Benefits To Using Mobile Tracker

Using mobile tracker offers a range of benefits. We share just 5 crucial benefits to using mobile tracker and everything you need to know. May 28, 2019

Monitored vs Unmonitored Home Security: Why You May Want Monitored

Finding the right home security system can be difficult and may raise a lot of questions. Here's a comparison of monitored vs unmonitored home security. May 15, 2019

In Case of Emergency: Medical Alert Necklace

If you or someone you know has a health issue which could strike at any time, a medical alert necklace may give you the peace of mind you need. May 1, 2019

Keeping Safe: How Security Systems Benefit Your Home

While traditional locks do wonders for homes, security systems can ensure that your home and valuables remain safe at all times, through a number of methods. Apr 24, 2019