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I'm Considering Getting an Alarm System, What Is the Best DIY Home Security System and Best Professional System?

If you are considering getting an alarm system, it can be a very confusing and difficult to navigate landscape. You can easily find ads on television, the internet, in your mail, and even on your favorite radio talk shows that make a compelling argument to use those company’s services. Should you choose a national alarm company or a local one? Do you even need an alarm company at all? Are you capable of installing a do-it-yourself alarm system into your home? What is the best DIY home security system? What about having the system centrally monitored? What about the home automation and smart technology compatibility you see and hear advertised in the commercials? What about cameras and video surveillance?  What about the overall cost? Are there different levels of cost for different services? These are all great questions to have especially when you are starting to look into your options.

Best DIY Home Security System

When you start, do your research. I would recommend you simply start by asking your family members and friends that have an alarm system what they think of the system that they have. Ask them about the components of their alarm system, ease of use, costs for services and the installation of the system, how easy it is to reach the company if they need a service call to repair something in the alarm system, and any other ideas or questions that come to mind. 

After getting their feedback regarding their experiences, I would encourage you to look up both local and national alarm companies with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can also type into a search engine on your computer such as google the name of the local or national alarm companies you are considering with the word “complaints” after their name and see first of all how many people are complaining or are unhappy with their services with those companies, and secondly you can see what issues and problems that they have and they are complaining about. 

You should also look into the best DIY home security systems. With the wireless technology that is the basis for most of the alarm systems that are installed today, you are very capable of figuring out what you would like to protect (like doors, windows, motion sensors, and glass break detectors), how to purchase what you need online, how to install the equipment in your home, and how to program it so that it all works together. This may sound like a daunting task, but there are plenty of step by step walk through websites and a lot of visual illustrations and walk throughs on that can show you exactly what to do. 

An alarm technician that professionally installs wireless systems can install a complete system is usually half a work day. You are capable of installing your own system, taking your time and following the instructions, in about a full work day. Once you have the alarm system in place, the questions become whether or not you want to consider home automation, smart device connectivity, fire protection applications for your home, and security cameras.   

Once you have finished your research, you will need to decide whether or not you are going to use an actual alarm company or use a DIY home security system. What I would actually recommend you do is to call an actual alarm company and have one of their salespeople come to your home. In doing this, you can discuss your security needs with a trained professional. That salesperson can give you lots of great ideas in terms of protecting your home. They will be able to give you different options and even tiers of protection. They can give you their recommendations for sort of like a good, better, best proposal and what each of those layers would cost in terms of equipment, installation, and monthly charges. 

Some may say that if you are not intending to sign-up with the security company, it is dishonest to have them come to your house and access their expertise, but I would beg to differ. You are using them as a resource. I would not rule out completely the thought of using their services and becoming their customer, but I would use their information to make a best-informed decision.

When you have an idea of the type of equipment and services that you are looking for, the next step is to make the final decision between using an actual alarm company or using a do-it-yourself type of system. As I have stated above, there are advantages and disadvantages are clear. The actual alarm company route must also be narrowed down between using a national alarm company or a local alarm company. The market for alarm companies is saturated. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from in most areas.

The national companies are really great at presenting their plans, packages, and special offers to get in the door, but as you may have seen by looking at the complaints about those companies online, they are not great at service, and they continually raise the monthly charge for their services. I would recommend that if you choose to use an alarm company, that you choose to use a local one. The local company will have real local people that you can talk to and work with. They are people that live and work in your community.  

If you choose to go in the direction of a DIY home security system, be encouraged, you can do this! It may seem like a daunting task to purchase the right equipment for your home, install the equipment correctly, program the equipment, and then test the equipment to make sure it is all working correctly. There are plenty of online sources where you can buy the components and your alarm system that meets your needs for your application.

You can buy the same equipment that the alarm companies would install into your home. These online retailers will usually sell you the equipment at a much more reasonable price than the package you would get from the alarm company. They offer step-by-step walk throughs showing you exactly what to do from opening the package to being completely finished and programmed. There are also many great videos available on that also walk you through step-by-step showing you exactly what to do.

Thanks for reading. We hope this blog has helped you understand some of the best DIY home security and professional security scenarios.

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