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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Do-It-Yourself Alarm System? How to get the best self-monitored home security system. 

We live in a day and age of technology.  It is at our fingertips with any access to the internet through any smart device or computer. Because of this technology, much more is expected from devises such as a security system. The capabilities of a security system today are literally mind-blowing.  

Older generations of security systems just protected the doors and windows of a home, and the potential for fire protection.  Motion sensors brought additional security over a specific room, but also brought with them additional concerns for false alarms. Fire protection brings with it a stronger sense of personal protection, but with it comes a greater responsibility and liability. Today, much more is expected from a security system such as whole-home automation, camera connectivity, smart devise accessibility, and fire protection are all reasonable expectations.  

best self monitored home security system

The real question is: how do I get the security system that is right for me and meets my needs and expectations?  There are two major avenues to travel to answer this question. The first is to use an alarm company. These types of companies will meet with you at your home in order to discuss your security needs and how they can meet them for you.  These companies are usually very professional, do a good job, and meet your needs. The problem is that these companies will charge you significantly more than you need to pay. They will charge you for installation, the individual components of the system, and a monthly charge for monitoring.  If they do not charge for installation or for the individual components of the system, you will be charged more per month for the monitoring. If the monthly charge is reasonable, check the fine print on the contract, you will see that the company will be periodically raising the rates once the introductory promotional period is over.  I won’t go into the advantages and disadvantages of a local alarm company versus a national alarm company. That is a blog for another day.

The second avenue is to use a Do-It-Yourself system. You can go online and access several different options to tailor your alarm system to meet your specific and individual needs and create the best self-monitored home security system for yourself and your family. You can start with a variety of packages that you can add to in order to be able to meet your needs.  If you know anything about modern alarm systems, you will know that the majority of it is wireless. The individual components of the alarm system are wireless. This means that you do not have to run wires from the alarm system to the individual devices that are part of the alarm system. This makes the system inherently easier and less complex to install. If you are at all handy or can do some simple fixes around your house by yourself, you are capable of installing a state-of-the-art alarm system in your home.  

It may seem intimidating or even overwhelming to consider installing your own alarm system, but it is not.  There are many companies that will walk you through the process. These are security professionals that have experience in this field and will help you meet your needs.  These people are trained in how to talk to do-it-yourself customers. They will not get too “techy” in the way that they talk to you, and they can direct you to other resources such as videos on that illustrates to you exactly how to install and program the system that you purchase.  You are capable of purchasing the correct components and system to meet your needs. You are also capable of installing the alarm system yourself. You should be able to complete the installation in a day. Most of the professional alarm companies should be able to install your alarm system in half a day.  

There are Do-It-Yourself companies that also offer twenty-four hour, three hundred sixty-five day a year monitoring, if you ever decide that you'd rather not self-monitor your home security system. They will monitor your system for you for significantly less money than the typical alarm company can. The typical alarm company is willing to lose money on the initial sale and installation of the alarm system in order to secure the account.  They will make up their money in profits from the monthly charge for monitoring.

The typical contract that a traditional alarm company is going to require you to sign is for somewhere between three to five years. This locks you in to paying them for the monitoring service.  Once the contract is completed, it becomes a month-to-month agreement. The longer that you stay with the alarm company, the more profit that they collect on your system. Most of the alarm companies, especially the national ones, will raise the monitoring rate every six months over the length of the original contract to the point that you are paying far more per month than you actually anticipated or realized.  The monthly re-occurring revenue is where these companies make their profits.

The Do-It-Yourself companies monitoring services are the equal of what the alarm companies are offering, but they are offering these services at a significantly lower rate than the alarm companies. The Do-It-Yourself company does not have to worry about recovering the money that they have already spent on the sale of the equipment or the cost of paying an employee to professionally install the system.  The customer does not take into consideration the cost for the vehicles, labor’s salary, benefits, and insurance. These are all factored into the cost of the sale, installation, and monitoring for the system. The Do-It-Yourself company does not have any of these overhead costs. The customer assumes the responsibility and liability for the installation of the alarm system. This is why the company can pass the savings on to the customer. 

The Bottom Line 

There are obviously benefits for either way that you choose to go with your alarm system. The point I am trying to drive home is that if you choose to use a Do-It-Yourself company, you are capable of installing, programming, and using the system yourself and you can create the best self-monitored home security system for your needs. If you follow the instructions, watch the videos, and take your time, you can save a significant amount of money on the initial purchase, installation, programming, and monitoring for the system. 

Most of the Do-It-Yourself companies have award winning level customer support that can help you each step of the way. You don’t have to be tech-savy in any real way to be able to complete this task. If you have questions, concerns, or trepidations, these can all be calmed and set to rest through the many different ways that you can talk to real people, follow the instructions, and have the steps broken down and modeled for you in the available videos. 

I would encourage you to give the Do-It-Yourself company a chance. You will be impressed with the quality of equipment that they offer, the ease with which you can install it, and the support that they offer to help you. We believe in you-You can do it

Thanks for reading. We hope this article has helped you understand the advantages and disadvantages of a do-it-yourself home security system. 

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