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What Are Some Things That I Can Do To Protect My Home From A Potential Invasion?

Most criminals that invade residential homes are looking for a few clues before they act.  This article is intended to help put yourself in their mindset to see the things they are looking for around your home that you can fix to prevent a potential home invasion.  

Home invasion protection

If you are away from your residence, do not allow the mail to pile up in your mailbox or if you have a newspaper delivery service, do not allow the newspapers to pile up on your front lawn.  If you could ask a trusted friend or relative to stop by your house each day to gather your mail and get your newspaper.  If you do not have a friend you can trust or a relative that is local, you can contact the post office and the newspaper company to stop delivery during the time that you are away.  You would think that it would be fairly easy to have this done, but both the post office and some newspaper companies make mistakes with the delivery dates that you do not want their services delivered to your home, that is why it is most advisable to have a trusted friend or a relative pick-up these things for you.  One of the first things that criminals look for when deciding whether or not to invade a home, if they see lots of mail pilled up in the mailbox and/or a pile of newspapers on the front porch or in the front yard, they know that no one is home and are almost certain that this residence is a plumb target to hit.  

If you are considering purchasing an alarm system for your home, try to think about what doors and windows you would like to protect.  Also consider where you would like to position the keypad(s) for arming and disarming your alarm system. It would not be advisable to have your keypad visible from the windows of the outside of your home. You do not know who may be watching through the window and in so doing, inadvertently give away your keypad code for arming and disarming your alarm system.  Something else to think about when planning what to protect in your home, most alarm companies will encourage you to protect the doors and windows of the first floor of your home. Criminals know this as well. They also know that in most homes the items that have the greatest value are usually in or near the master bedroom. In most houses, the master bedroom is on the second floor.  Most alarm systems do not cover the windows and doors on the second floor. It is recommended that you at least consider a motion sensor covering at least the stairway to the second floor or a motion sensor that protects at least part of the area of the master bedroom. The only caution with this recommendation about motion sensors is that in most alarm systems, motion sensors are a major cause for false alarms.  Be sure to ask your security professional for their recommendations for protecting the second floor and especially the valuables located in master bedroom.  

Do not allow a strange person to enter your home even if they say they are from a utility company or a service type of company.  Almost all of the time the utility companies will make an appointment with the home owners when they need to access the home.  They will also arrive in marked vehicles, usually wearing company labelled clothing, with photo identification either on a lanyard around their necks or clipped to their clothing.  The utilities companies can usually tell you in advance when you make the appointment, the name of the technician that is coming to you house. The same is true for service companies that are coming to your home.  They will also schedule an appointment in an appropriate time window, usually arrive in company marked vehicles, wearing company labelled clothing, and have photo identification. If anyone seems even a little bit odd or something seems “off,” your protection is your first priority.  The utility companies and service companies will always reschedule an appointment.  

If you are going away, consider putting the lights of your home on a timer.  If you do decide to purchase an alarm system, ask your security professional about the possibility of the alarm system that you are purchasing being compatible with other things in your house to create whole home automation.  With the technology of today, from your smart devices you should be able to control not only your alarm system, but your thermostat, your internet service, the lights of your home, and even the locks of your home. If you would like to go a step further, you can add cameras to your security system that you can view from your smart devices as well.  Most criminals do not spend the time to really watch a home as they plan an invasion. Which home they choose in a neighborhood is more of a spur of the moment decision. A lot of times when a criminal sees the lights of a home on or even better, when the lights come on the outside of a home, they think that someone is home, and they move on to their next target.  Having your home’s lights, audio, and video available to you especially by way of your smart devices can be an amazing deterrent for a home invasion.  

If you do have an alarm system, make sure that the company that you are using displays their name, phone number, and logo on the premises of your home.  A professional security company will want to put stickers on the door areas around your house and some of the windows, especially on the first floor.  The alarm company will also have yard signs that they can stick into the ground outside of your home to mark that the premises of your home are protected by a security company.  Another great place for an alarm company to place signage for themselves and to let potential perpetrators know that they need to move on and not attempt to invade your premises is on both sides of your free-standing mailbox.  Yes, this signage, stickers, yard signs, and mailbox signs are advertisements for the alarm company, but it also sends a very clear message to a potential criminal to stay away from your home and not even bother attempting an invasion.  

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