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My Personal Experience with Alarm Systems: A Home Security System Review

I have lived most of my life in a home or homes that had an alarm system installed within them.  As a child, I really did not think much about the alarm system because for the most part, we rarely used it.  We lived in a community that people rarely locked their doors or worried about security very much. In fact, we had many valuable items stored in our garage, and we occasionally forgot to even close the garage door before going to bed. Nothing was ever stolen.  

Home security system review

After college, I moved to the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania to pursue my career and first job opportunity.  I lived in an apartment that was above a garage. The area of town wasn’t the best, but it was far from the worst either.  I continued to not really worry about security and even left the door to my apartment unlocked especially when I was at home. 

One night, I was awoken to the sounds of someone in my apartment. The apartment had an alarm system, but I had failed to turn it on before I went to bed. I also had forgotten to lock the door to my apartment. Not really thinking about what I was doing, I yelled out, “Hey!” Whoever the home invader was, they ran out of the apartment before I could get to the front door.

I didn’t really think about what could have happened to me if the person had a weapon or something of that sort. I didn’t think about contacting the police or my own personal safety in any way. I checked to see if anything was missing, locked the door, and went back to bed. There was nothing missing. I thought that I must have scared the person away. I was young, didn’t have many valuable possessions, and security for myself and my possessions was not a top priority in my life at that time.

A few months later, I came home from work to find my apartment had been robbed. Once again, I hadn’t set the alarm system or locked the front door in my haste to leave and make it to work on time. My television, VCR (It was the 1990’s), Multi-Disk CD player, a small amount of money, and a couple pieces of jewelry were taken. I immediately started being much more careful to arm the alarm system and lock the door. In the grand scheme of things, I lost less than a thousand dollars’ worth of items. I was able to replace the stolen items, though it was a blow to my budget at that time.  

When I left that position and took the next step in my career, I purchased my first home. I thought back to the two incidents that had happened while I was living in that apartment in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. I thought in much greater depth and concern about what would I have done or how would I have reacted if the person or people had a weapon? How could I have defended myself? What if I had been married? How could I have protected my wife? I would never have forgiven myself if something had happened to her. What if we had a child or even children? How could I have protected them in the given situation? How would I have gone about contacting the police in the event of either of these incidents? 

Local Alarm Company Home Security System Review

I realized for the first time how very lucky I had been in regards to the two incidents regarding home invasions. These experiences and my reflections upon them made me make getting an alarm system for my newly purchased home a top priority. I contacted a local alarm company, scheduled an appointment with them, and met with their sales representative. He was very knowledgeable and thorough in his explanation of the type of system would meet my growing family’s needs. I liked that he gave us options. He gave us what I would call a “Good, Better, Best” scenario. He explained the benefits of each option and the corresponding choice. We did not feel pressured or talked down to in any way. What made me feel the most comfortable with this company was that even though we had other companies give us an estimate, which their company was willing to match, when we asked the sales person to please give us some time to process all of the information and get back to him, he was very much willing to give us that time without any pressure or need to close the deal on the spot. 

My wife and I talked it over for a few days, and called that company back to give the salesperson the good news that we would be going with his company. That was the beginning of a great relationship. The system that the local alarm company installed in the house was mostly hard-wired components. They ran wires to each of the window frames, door frames, motion detector, and the fire equipment. The advantage of this is that the alarm system was tied into the power of our home. We didn’t have to worry about batteries going bad in all the individual components of the alarm system. What surprised me most was that when we went to sell that house and move to a larger house, what an asset having an alarm system already installed in our house was.  

We purchased a new home for us that was a bit larger in order to accommodate our family needing more space.  We contacted the same local alarm company that we had worked with previously to set up an appointment to review our security needs in the new house. We got several other estimates from other alarm companies to give us a “track to run on” in terms of pricing for the protection we want for our home. The same sales person that had worked with us nearly ten years previously met with us again! It was really like catching up with an old friend.

We had the same exact experience in the purchase of the alarm system. This time, we chose to go in the direction of more wireless equipment because the newer type of system offered us so many more options when it came to home automation and security options. We were able to link our house’s lights, thermostat, and even a camera doorbell to our system, along with the knowledge that we could add security cameras at some point down the road if we desired.

The choice for us was simple. Our alarm system not only offers security and protection. It offers amazing options with newer technology as well. The most important thing it all offers though, is the peace of mind that I know my family and my valuables will be protected in the event that someone with bad intentions plans to try to hurt any of us or take what belongs to us.

Thanks for reading.

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