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Keeping Safe: How Security Systems Benefit Your Home

While traditional locks do wonders for homes, security systems can ensure that your home and valuables remain safe at all times, through a number of methods., Apr 24, 2019

In 2016, over 1.5 million homes were burglarized and broken into. That means one house every 13 seconds or 325,000 every day. Almost 70 percent of the homes that were broken into were residential properties. Ironically, most of the homes where these crimes occurred had locks in place. But, the protective measures of locks were only good for deterring regular folks from gaining unwarranted entry. Those homes had locks that were easy for beginner or intermediate lock-pickers to pick. Burglars who broke into people's homes were able to do so because of the absence of home security systems. Sadly, many homeowners don't see the need to install new security systems in their homes. Yet, these systems have proven extremely effective in deterring armed criminals or petty thieves looking to score a quick hit. If you're still on the fence about installing additional security measures on your property, the following should help you make a decision.

Fewer Break-Ins
Burglars say that the presence of security systems, particularly CCTV cameras, often deters them from breaking into a home. If that's present, they just move on to other homes that look like easy marks. This means if you're a neighbor without the appearance of security, your home is likely to be next on their list of homes to burglarize. So, you can quickly see how the appearance of a home security system can help prevent break-ins. Even when you have these systems in place, you must take precautionary measures such as locking your doors and windows. Burglars typically look for points of weakness. And once they spot one, that's all they need to get into your home.
Secures You, Your Loved Ones and Valuables
Want to sleep well at night when you're away from your loved ones? This is a good option. These systems are designed to ward off intending criminals and keep you and your family safe. For instance, if there's a break-in when there's no one around, an alarm will go off both in your home and at the security company. Most will contact you immediately to ask if you know about it. If you've ever been a victim, you know that every second counts in these situations. And if they determine there's a burglar in the house, they'll quickly get their guys to check out your home, or dial 911 and dispatch law enforcement agents to your home.
Attracts Lower Home Insurance Rates
If you want lower home insurance rates, you need a solid home security system. Homes with good security measures are considered low risk by insurance companies. Which means lower insurance premiums than the person without one. Insurance companies like to make sure that their clients aren't high-risk. So, when you have a working home security system in place, chances are your premiums will become even more affordable.
Alerts the Authorities Automatically
Burglars tend to "abandon mission" once an alarm goes off. This is because they know it'll most likely get law enforcement racing to the residence. The good news is that this can also be automatically set up to notify the authorities of other hazards like fire and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Between 2010 and 2015, over 2,000 people died from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning. Most of these people could have been saved if there was a warning system in place. Carbon monoxide is highly dangerous and lethal killer because it's odorless. So, people can unintentionally inhale it. Prolonged exposure results in dizziness, fainting spells, and death. So, if there's a leakage, the alarm connected to the detector will go off. The same goes for smoke detectors and fire alarms in the house. Once detected, these can trigger the alarms and sprinklers in the home. Also, it can automatically notify the security companies who will, in turn, call it in to the authorities.
Provides 24/7 Monitoring
Most burglaries happen between 10 am and 3 pm. Between these hours, kids are usually in school and parents are at work. Most burglars know most people won't be at home during these hours. Which is why they tend to strike during that window. But, having a wireless home security system that monitors your home all day, every day, will alert you if there's an intruder. This way, you can quickly alert the authorities so they can dispatch law enforcement agents to your property. It can also deter the thieves if they see a front door camera for instance. Burglars don't want to be seen, which is why they tend to avoid homes with cameras.
Allows for Remote Viewing
If you have a baby and cannot be with them 24/7, your home security system can double as a perpetual "guardian angel", allowing you to watch the child in your home. The same goes for people who have relatives in hospice care. With this equipment, you can see what's going on at all times. This makes it easy to provide your loved ones with the care they need and ensure they're properly cared for. It can also serve as a deterrent to hospice care attendants and nurses who have a tendency to abuse elderly citizens in their care. Once they know they're being watched, it should stop them. The same goes for abusive nannies and maids.
Provides Medical Emergency Alerts
Also, medical devices like heart rate monitors can be connected to the system. Some security companies provide medical GPS or pendants to help keep track of the patient at all times that are specifically meant for certain health conditions. For instance, a medical pendant used by someone who has epilepsy can notify security companies of a prolonged seizure episode. These outfits can then send an emergency dispatch team to tend to or revive the patient. Others can be in the form of a cord or a button that the patient will pull or press to send an emergency signal. So, security systems can also save your life if set up correctly.
Alerts You When There Are Trespassers
If you'll be away from the home for a while, the security system can be set up in a way that notifies you when there are trespassers on your property. With this, you can view your property and warn them off in real time.
Should You Invest in Security Systems?
At the end of the day, these give you peace of mind. This is the biggest benefit of security systems. You can go to work, leave your kids, travel and be away for a while, without worrying about the safety and security of your loved ones and valuables. While you can get companies to install these for you, there are also DIY security systems that you can set up yourself. They're cheaper and just as effective at warding off miscreants. For more information, visit Fox Guard Security.