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Ten reasons to purchase an alarm system for your home.

There are lots and lots of reasons to get an alarm system for your home.  Some people will try to use fear tactics to convince you to purchase an alarm system from them.  We want to use logic and reason to help you understand the benefits of having an alarm system in your home is a major benefit and blessing for you and your loved ones.  Here are ten (10) reasons to purchase an alarm system:

reasons to purchase an alarm system

1. Your peace of mind and a sense that if someone did indeed invade your home that you might be required to significantly hurt someone else. One of the most difficult things to replace after you have been a part of a home invasion or burglary is your peace of mind.  It is an unsettling feeling and thought process to think that someone else has been in your home with bad intentions possibly for you, your family, and your belongings. It can be very sad when your home does not feel like home anymore. That sense of security and feeling settled or centered there is shattered.  


You also don’t want to wrestle with the thought that you might be required to significantly hurt someone.  To protect yourself, those you love, and what is yours, we may one day be faced with the moral dilemma in this area.  An alarm system as a deterrent, and activating when a situation arises can save you from a lifetime of potential regret and therapy.


2. Alarm systems are surprisingly affordable. One of the big arguments against an alarm system is that they are too expensive.  With wireless technology and especially with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) options available, the cost of the equipment and the monitoring has dropped dramatically making ownership of an alarm system more affordable than ever.  You may not feel comfortable installing an alarm system yourself, but there are companies you can use and contact online that will help you design the right system for your unique situation, walk you through step-by-step the installation process, also walk you through the programming, and help you test all of the components to make sure you have done everything correctly.  Along with the customer support that they offer, they can also direct you to a variety of different videos on the internet that can show you what to do, how to do it, and how to make sure you’ve done it right.  


3. Alarm systems are a great deterrent against a home invasion.  When either you install an alarm system yourself or have an alarm company professionally install an alarm system, the yard-signs and stickers that are provided will serve as a deterrent against a potential home invasion.  A potential perpetrator will see the signs and sticks on and around your home, and will move on to another home that does not have a security system. The yard signs should be prominently displayed in the front of your home.  Many times, the alarm company will recommend physically attaching signs to your mailbox. The stickers should be attached to your doors and windows around the outside of your house. Not every single door or window needs a sticker, but you want to advertise to a potential perpetrator that this is not the home that they need to be considering. 


4. You’re away a lot because of your work or you live alone in your residence, these are both good reasons to purchase an alarm system.  It goes back to reason number one. If you have to leave your loved ones and possessions often because you travel for your job, it will give you peace of mind to know that they are protected.  If you are living in a home by yourself, you can only be in one place or room at a time, so to be able to protect the perimeter from a potential home invasion will give you peace of mind.  


5. You will save money on your homeowners insurance.  By having a monitored alarm system installed in your home, your insurance company will give you a discount of usually somewhere between six and twenty percent.  The insurance companies offer this discount because statistically, they know that having an alarm system installed with the yard signs and stickers deter a potential perpetrator.  Be sure to call your homeowners insurance company and ask about this discount. It could easily translate into ten to fifty dollars per month in savings. That can pay for the cost of your alarm monitoring and then some.


6. Home Automation. With technology being what it is today, using your alarm system and your home’s Wi-Fi internet connection, you can connect your alarm system to your smart devices.  You can use your smart devices through the alarm system app to arm, disarm, see live camera feeds, bypass certain zones if you would like, and even check the event log to see exactly what activated and when.  Using home automation, you can control the thermostat, connect the lighting of your home, and even use Alexa to turn on and off the alarm system. There is usually an additional monthly fee to access the app and use these services, but it is usually minimal.


7. Fire protection. The installation of fire protection takes installing an alarm system to a whole other level.  I would recommend that you use an actual alarm company when considering this. They should be able to tell you what is required in your municipality in terms of fire protection.  This fire alarm you would be having installed is a life-saving system. Not a fire deterrent system. Almost all municipalities require the use of nine-volt smoke detectors. Usually they are required to be installed on each level of the home and in each of the sleeping areas.  These are good, but the major drawback for these devices is that they make a lot of noise, but cannot contact emergency services. A fire alarm can contact emergency services for you. During a crisis like a fire situation, the first priority is always your safety and the safety of your loved ones.  You should not be thinking of whether or not emergency services have been notified.


8. Medical emergencies.  Consider adding to your alarm system an emergency medical device.  It does not need to be the typical “old person” or “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” device.  You can add keyfobs to your alarm system pretty easily and fairly cheaply that have a “panic” button on them that serves the same purposes as a medical alert device.  


9. Carbon Monoxide. Much like smoke detectors or heat sensors for a fire alarm, we would also recommend considering adding carbon monoxide detectors to your alarm system.  Carbon Monoxide is an oderless and colorless gas that can be toxic and even deadly in enough concentration. The drawback with carbon monoxide detectors is that they are very sensitive and can result in false alarms.  They must also be changed out every five years. As a bit of a side note, another device to consider is a high-water sensor. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, this type of device can alert you to water accumulating in your home or basement.


10. Keeping track of your children.  The alarm system can be programmed to send you a text message anytime that the system is armed or disarmed.  This means that you can know when your children get home from school if you are not able to be at your home to meet them.  Another interesting feature that almost all alarm systems possess that can be helpful especially if you have young children is the “chime” feature.  This feature has the keypad announce whenever a door or window that is part of the alarm system is opened. This would alert you if your toddler has left the house when you turned around to wash your hands.  This feature can really be a lifesaver.   

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