home security for apartments & Renters

Home security isn’t just for homeowners. If you’re renting, there are still options that will keep your family and belongings safe, often at a cheaper cost than traditional homeowners would face. The only thing standing in your way are restrictions from your landlord. While some landlords has very few restrictions on home security for their apartment complexes, others may not want you to have anything that involves hard wiring or may not like the use of cameras for fear other residents will feel it is invading on their privacy. However, most landlords are fine with the use of door and window sensors and will often see your desire to install these things as a bonus for them. 


What to Look For When Purchasing Home Security for Apartments vs Homes


There are several different concerns and questions you’ll want to ask yourself when shopping for home security for an apartment, whether you’re renting the apartment or the owner. 


First, you’ll have to decide if you’d like wired or wireless equipment. We often recommend wireless equipment for apartments for several reasons. First, wireless equipment is easy to install yourself, which saves you money on professional installation services. Second, landlords are more likely to approve wireless equipment than hardwire equipment that will have to be run through walls. Third, if you move regularly you can easily take the wireless equipment from apartment to apartment so that you’re always protected. 


The next main thing to consider is how much security you need. Often, when you’re living in an apartment you need much less secure than if you were living in a home. For example, if you’re living in a high floor in an apartment building, then you most likely won’t need to worry about window alarms and a front door sensor may be all you need to feel safe and secure. However, if you’re in a more ground level apartment or condo, you may want a few more security measures such as window sensors as well. Ultimately, the extent of security you need will depend on your apartment location, size, and your desires. Speaking to a home security expert can help you determine exactly what equipment is right for your situation. 


The last thing to ask yourself is if you’d like to self monitor, a long term contracted monitoring, or purchase no-contract monitoring. We typically recommend no-contract monitoring for apartment renters for several reasons. First, apartment renters usually have shorter contracts and often have to go through a renewal process every year. Most contracted monitoring services are 3 to 5 years minimum, and even if you plan to stay in your apartment for a while, there’s no guarantee that your contract with the landlord will be renewed every year. If a contracted alarm company is willing to do a year long contract, then often raise prices for providing a lower term length. 


Self monitoring is an option, but it really only protects you if you’re in the home to hear the alarms go off, or if your neighbors are around and willing to call in for you. If someone were to break in while you were out, the alarms might scare them off, but they also might not. If you’re biggest concern is being protected while you’re home, this could be a good option for you. However, if you’d like 24/7 protection, no-contract monitoring may be the better choice. 


No-contract monitoring is the perfect solutions for home security in apartments because it provides the same high-level of service as contracted monitoring services, but it has no long term contract, lower rates, and no cancelation fees if you find yourself needing to move suddenly. This flexibility is often a life saver for apartment renters. 


If you’d like to know more about your home security options for apartment, contact one of our security team experts today!