Secure alarm monitoring for existing system to keep home protected

Are you looking to get alarm monitoring for an existing system? Perhaps you’ve just purchased a new home that already had an alarm system installed. Or maybe you’re looking to switch from your current alarm monitoring provider, but aren’t sure what your options are for getting a new provider. Whatever your specific scenario, it’s important to know what your options are. 


Some homeowners lan to stay with the company that originally installed the equipment because they believe that is their only option. However, it is not your only option and often it is not your best option. Read on to learn about what considerations you should keep in mind when selecting alarm monitoring services for your existing security system.


What to look for When Selecting Alarm Monitoring for Existing System


Some of the things to consider when selecting alarm monitoring for your existing system are contract lengths, customer service, if your equipment is compatible with their services, to name a few. Often times, individuals believe that they must go with the alarm monitoring company that originally installed the home security equipment they’ve inherited. Luckily, this is not true. Most security systems and equipment are pretty standard and therefore able to be monitored by many different companies. You could either pick a smaller local company, another giant security company, or no-contract alarm monitoring. 


Typically, large alarm monitoring companies have many customer complaints from poor customer service to hidden fees and constantly raising rates. If you’re considering going with one of these companies, we encourage you to look up reviews including their online business bureau ratings. Small local companies are often a better option because they provide much better customer service and often undercut the prices of their bigger competitors. However, these companies still have long contracts, can come with additional fees, and are often limited in other ways. No-contract monitoring is a great option because they can work with a variety of systems, have no contract length, are often your cheapest option, and are customer service oriented while providing the same high-level of alarm monitoring. 


If you’re wondering what type of alarm monitoring is best for your existing system, contact one of our security experts today to learn about the options for your area and situation