No-Contract Home Security saves on alarm monitoring costs for middle class family

We often hear the same complaints from our clients who are switching over from contracted security providers. They complain about the high rates, that constantly increased about every six months during their contract. They complain about the other hidden service costs such as equipment insurance and maintenance. They complain about decreasing customer service once the contract is signed, and so on and so forth. This leads to an increasingly frustrated situation where families start to question whether the high price they’re paying for security is actually worth it or if they should take their chances without it.


The Advantages of no Contract Home Security Systems


So how does a no-contract home security system help to fix these complaints? Well, first of all, your no-contract monitoring service is typically much cheaper than the contracted options who have to jack up their prices to pay for the price of the equipment they often install in your home for “free” or cheap. Since the no-contract service often comes in once you already have an existing system or when you’ve decided to install your own system, they don’t have to worry about covering the costs of equipment with high service fees,which passes the savings on to you. 


No-contract home security systems also aren’t known for raising prices several times a year like the traditional companies. And, even if prices do increase, you are free to stop paying for the services whenever you want without having to fight an upward battle with customer service representative while paying exorbitant cancelation fees. 


With all these great benefits, you might worry that the monitoring service you get with no-contract home security monitoring isn’t as great as the security giants, but that’s simply not true. No-contract monitoring services like ours provide the same, if not better, level of service while working to end the bad practices of high and hidden costs. Whether you have a self monitored system and want that extra protection of a Monitoring Station looking out for you, or you are sick of the outrageous pricing at the local or more well known brands, Fox Guard Security can take over your system with ease. 


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