Install and Programming Help

We have tailored and customized guides to help you succeed at your DIY security project! Created with ease and thoroughness in mind, they will be your best friend if you come across something you cannot figure out.

How-To Videos

Shot here in our own backyard, our expert Ryan walks you through everything you need to be successful! Elaborating on the Install and Programming Guides, he walks you through each step showing you with clarity exactly what steps are available and which ones to take.

Our Blog: The Fox Guard Vault

Here we share security secrets, useful information, and ideas for your own benefit. Feel free to check in every once in a while and get updated on new trends, security topics, and the information that is interesting to you!


Many customers have similar questions that may just need a quick answer without watching a video or searching through a guide. We have compiled, and continue to add to, a list of the most frequently asked questions during an installation of our alarm systems. Stop here first if you have a question you just can't find an answer to!