Learning how to identify the different equipment with a security system for pre-wired home

So you’ve just purchased a new home and as a bonus it came with an already installed security system, but now that you’ve got it you’re not sure what to do with it. Are you obligated to go with the services of the original company who installed it? Are you able to modify or add to the existing system yourself?


The first trap many homeowners fall into when purchasing a home with a pre-wired security system is believing that they are obligated to go with the company who originally installed the equipment. This is simply not true. If you are not on the contract and have not agreed to taking over the contract, you are simply not obligated to continue services with them. Shop around and see what kinds of rates of services their competitors offer, if there are any local companies who might better serve you, or for other online alternatives. By shopping around your can most likely find monitoring services that better fit your budget and lifestyle. 


Identifying the Equipment of a Pre-Wired Security System


Before you purchase a monitoring service for your home, it’s important to identify all the parts and features of your existing system. Do you have door and window alarms? Are they on just the first level, or on all levels of the home? Who is the manufacturer of the equipment? How long ago was it installed? Are there any warranties still in affect? Or does the equipment have a history of failing after a period of time that it may be getting close too? Discovering the answers to your questions will help you determine the quality of the equipment, if there are any upgrades you want or will have to make, and if the equipment will last through a long-term monitoring contract. 


Another option is to purchase no-contract home monitoring services. These companies are able to work with a variety of different system types and don’t lock you into long-term contracts. If you’re worried about the equipment failing or are just looking to try out home monitoring, they allow you to test out your home security system without worrying about contract termination fees. Perhaps the best benefit to no-contract monitoring services is that they are often much cheaper than their contracted competitors, and you are not obligated to pay the hidden price increases that contracted plans often force on their users. 


If you’d like to learn more about how you can purchase no-contract monitoring services for your pre-wired home security system, contact us