security systems for apartments & condos help renters protect belongings

Home security isn’t just a benefit for homes and homeowners. Apartment and condos are just as much, if not more so, at risk from home invaders and theft. The best way to keep your family safe is by installing a security system specifically for apartments. However, installing a security system for your apartment might be a little more complicated if you’re renting rather than the owner. 


The Costs of Security Systems for Apartments


Feeling more secure in your apartment can often be as simple installing door sensors, especially if your apartment is on a higher floor. However, if you’re on the ground levels, you may still want to install the same security measures that we recommend for the first story of a home. This will include alarms on all the doors and windows, and potentially a couple cameras. Doorbell cameras are particularly popular in apartments. While you’re at it, you might also feel like adding in some smart home features that integrate with your security system like a smart thermostat, fire alarms, or lights.


Because the security system needs vary so significantly based on apartment size and location, the cost can be anywhere from just a couple hundred bucks to similarly priced to a first level home installation. However, if you buy and install wireless alarm equipment yourself, you can take it to your next apartment or house to create a security system there as well. If you have professionals install the equipment, it will often cost more and you’ll often not be able to take the equipment with you. Another cost factor is whether or not you want a monitoring system, and which type of monitoring company you decide to go with. We discuss the different monitoring types and options here. 


Overall, installing a security system for your apartment or condo is often very affordable and can provide you and your family with much needed peace of mind. 


If you’d like to learn more about your options for installing a security system in your apartment, contact us today!