properly installed wireless security system protects home from theft


Wireless home security systems offer numerous benefits over wired security systems, such as the option to take your system with you when you move, the ability to install the system yourself, and the option to easily adjust the location of your equipment without having to deal with moving hard wires. This is unlike wired systems which often need a professional to install them, come with hidden costs, and often are owned by the company while you pay for monitoring services. 


We believe wireless home security is the future. With wireless home security you can decide to either have a professional provide installation services for you, or you can preconfigure your system online and have it shipped to your door for DIY setup. In our experience, most homeowners are able to install their wireless home security system themselves in about a day while saving hundreds on installation fees. So the best wireless security system for you and your family ultimately comes down to your budget, goals, and priorities.


How to Shop for a Wireless Security System?


When shopping for the best wireless security system for your family, there are several factors you should keep in mind. First, are you planning to install the system yourself or are you planning to hire a professional? Are you looking for a system that will work with any additional smart home features or are you strictly looking for home security? Do you plan to buy monitoring services or count on yourselves to monitor things? All of these factors and more make a huge difference in the type of system you purchase and well as the parts. The most important thing to know is that you dig deep on your research. 


The big alarm companies may show up in the top of the results, but they’ve bought and manipulated these results. Local and smaller alarm companies are great options as well and often offer a higher level of service while providing a better value for equipment and services. No contract and DIY security companies are also options and allow you to only pay for the exact equipment and services you need, often saving hundreds when compared to the giants and local companies.

If you’re interested in installing your own wireless security system, check out our line of top-rated wireless equipment that you can install yourself.